About Us

Time to get personal. Here we try to go into a bit more simple detail on what we do - and on who we are and why we do it....

"Can you explain what you do?":
- we license albums of music to other record companies, so they can release it on their labels.
- we license music for film and tv, to production companies and producers, either directly, or through agents.
- we sell our music catalogue as a Digital Label on various Download services, like Itunes, Amazon and Emusic.
- we produce, publish and represent a few selected artist's music, and exploit the catalogue of tracks accordingly.
- we write music on commission for film, tv, games, dvd, web and mobile/cell.

"That all sounds great....., is it?"
Yes and no. Sometimes it's fantastic. Other times it's extremely difficult. The industry is always changing and we have to stay flexible. We're realistic about who we are, and, if you're a client, you'll find us pretty down-to-earth to deal with - straight forward, communicative and friendly.

"Are you.....?"
Yes, we're Writer & Publisher members of:
MCPS - www.mcps.co.uk

PRS - www.prs.co.uk
PPL - www.ppluk.com
CCLI - www.ccli.co.uk

"Anything else you think I should know?"
Yes - we like red wine. We're not famous, and never were. We don't want to be super-rich - we just want to earn an enjoyable living and teach our kids what's important in life. We've worked for majors, we've worked for tiny indies, we've played with the odd star in great venues, we would like to play more golf, and we often decide to take the day off just because we can....

"Can I go home now?"