Our project studio, just outside Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire UK, is used for recording, production, composition, design and media mastering.

Whilst we are often busy with corporate projects, we are happy to offer our facilities to artists wishing to produce demo's, albums and other projects requiring our production expertise.

Please contact us for more details.

What We Use

 - Superior audio-optimised i7 pc's with tons of ram

 - A selection of AKG and Rode mics for capturing great acoustic performances and vocals

 - Steinberg Cubase with various samplers, plug-ins and vsti's including:

 - Spectrasonics Omnisphere & Atmosphere
 - S
tylus rmx with expanders
EW Play with:
Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP
 - EW Ra, VOP
, MOR, Symphonic Choirs, Latin World, NI Akoustik Pianos, Halion and loads more...

 - Incredible Powercore MKII digital signal processing, with tons of plugins including TC Helicon 'Intonator' pitch correction & Sony 'Inflator', Voice Modeller, Access Virus, Convolution Reverbs & the wonderful Master X5 Mastering Plug-in.

 - Wavelab for exemplary audio and media mastering

 - Korg and M-Audio keyboards

 - Highest quality audio interface, ad/da convertors and mic preamps

 - Various sound modules and other outboard gear that we love like old friends and find it difficult to part with.

 - And a couple more machines - the very best in cool studio technology with lots of flashing lights and knobs - but we don't know what they are, or how to use them. But they certainly look great.