Really Free Music

Really Free Music is a specialist Music Licensor, Production House and Label. We produce, release and license music for commercial release, sync, premiums, multimedia, games and a whole load of other uses.

Our huge catalogue of diverse music, with its variety of styles and niche genres, is popular with music supervisors, label managers and media producers worldwide.


Commissioned Music 
We have a number of clients who ask us to to write and produce music to commission. It could be for a DVD, a TV soundtrack, or an album release.


We produce and create new intellectual property on a daily basis which can then be licensed directly from us, or through our network of agents throughout the universe! Our credits include literally hundreds of album releases, Hollywood film credits, TV networks, DVD's, Video game releases, and more. Sure, the 'big' licenses only happen once in a while, and so we remain realistic about the fact that it's the smaller uses that happen on a daily basis that get our best service, time and attention assured. Read more....


The Really Free Music Digital Label is a small specialist label that sells well across all good Download stores. Read more....


We occasionally record artists that we'd like to represent or publish. This is usually done at our small Production Studio which also doubles as our office, sometimes on location, and sometimes at a bigger Studio facility. We generally like the wierd and wonderful that we can add to our catalogue of niche music, but we also have an interest in Christian Contemporary artists. Read more...


Through our publishing company, 'Perfect Space Music Publishing', we exploit intellectual property on behalf of our composer roster, and collect royalties on all licensable usages. We have, and actively seek, creative sub-publishers in other territories.


'Really Free Music' and 'Perfect Space Music Publishing' are trading names of 'Really Free Solutions Ltd' - creative multimedia and intelligent design - a Limited company registered in England - .5778657